Entry Doors

Pella Fiberglass & Wood Entry Doors

We will replace your entry door with Pella Fiberglass or Wood Entry door in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and other North Dallas Areas.

Fiberglass Doors

Pella Doors Plano - FiberglassYou may have heard the phrase – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and that is definitely the case with your home’s front door.  One of the most popular options homeowners have been using is the Pella fiberglass entry door.  While there are definitely options as to what kind of door you want – from the construction to design – Pella fiberglass entry doors are the best choice and meet the most needs of folks looking to replace their front door.

The composition of fiberglass itself lends to the durability of the products in which it is used.  Pella Fiberglass doors are extremely popular in areas of the country with weather extremes and harsh climates.  If you go from extreme heat to mountains of snow in sub-zero temperatures just a few months later, a fiberglass entry door is perfect for you.  Doors made of fiberglass will not warp or swell with the changes in temperatures, so no more struggling to push open or pull closed your wooden doors when the heat rises!

These doors are designed to last a lifetime, withstanding not just the weather, but day to day use.  Pella Fiberglass entry doors resist wear and tear better than steel doors, for example, and are not prone to dings and dents.  As a result, fiberglass doors won’t rust and will maintain their durability and longevity.

Wood Doors

Pella Doors Plano, Dallas Frisco TXStrong and secure, they offer unlimited design flexibility along with solid good looks. The Pella team helps you select and care for a front door that’s right for your home’s style – and your budget.

An entryway is the focal point of a home’s facade. And the front door, its most prized asset. Dressed with a fine Pella lockset and handsome knocker, the door extends a friendly welcome while also discouraging intruders and shutting out the weather. It’s the first thing we grab when we arrive and the last thing we touch when we leave. So it’s easy to understand why many of us still like our doors to be made of wood. Nothing else matches the material’s warmth and satisfying heft. Or offers so many design options.

Pella Wood door can be custom crafted in virtually any shape or size and incorporate whatever molding profiles, panel configurations, glazing options, or carvings that you please.